Long Term Care Staff

The daily care and attention our Long Term Care Staff provides to our residents makes a core contribution to our reputation as a health care facility that truly cares about the life experiences of those who live here, and their families.


attention to detail: “the little things” matter

Most health care experts agree that a stable, team-oriented staff of long term care professionals with a successful history of working together is one of the most important characteristics of a long term care facility like Bear Hill. The tenure of our dedicated staff is among the longest of any similar facility in our region.

Their contribution to the success of Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is recognized on a regular basis by our management team. Without the staff’s willingness to do “the little things” that are sometimes vitally important to our patients, to make the extra effort whether the task is housekeeping, comforting a resident through a challenging day, or completing a record-keeping task thoroughly and accurately, Bear Hill would stand head-and-shoulders above other facilities.

Thank you, team.