Bob brings years of experience and an ability to keep things on “even keel” to operations here at Bear Hill. His expertise, based on a long track record of success in the health care industry, is fundamental to the high level of quality services we provide on a daily basis.

Peg Archidiacono, Director of Nursing

Director of Nursing Peg Archidiacono

Director of Nursing Peg Archidiacono

Our Director of Nursing Services for over 20 years, Peg's hands-on patient-centered style of management has been a major contributing factor in the positive growth and development of our caring team.

Peg is a graduate of the Labouré School of Nursing and is a Certified Case Manager.

Her knowledge and expertise, derived from many years of clinical practice and nursing leadership, have been the keys to her success through decades of service.

As director of the day-to-day functions of all patient care departments within the Bear Hill healthcare organization, she brings more than 26 years’ experience and competence to our efforts in the area of quality care here at Bear Hill, based on more than 48 years’ experience in the industry. She has been a consistent contributor to the efforts that have helped our facility rank perennially among the best in our region.