Short Term Rehabilitation Patients’ Satisfaction
(results from an independent third-party survey)

According to unbiased third-party survey results, Bear Hill Rehab continues to provide above-average rehabilitation experiences, and is trending toward even higher satisfaction levels over the past four years, achieving a 94% satisfaction rating during 2018 (see below). These survey results are produced by an independent, third-party organization which specializes in assessing the cost, effectiveness and patient experience at rehabilitation facilities across the U.S. (data produced by Nick Castle, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh).

The survey is completely objective and anonymous. The results are based on what the rehab patients themselves say about their experience.

The results below are consistent with the high-quality results we deliver at Bear Hill across a wide spectrum of health care and rehabilitation services, and reflects our dedication to positive outcomes for rehab patients and positive living experiences for our long term care residents.

About the Core-Q Rehabilitation Satisfaction Results Program

Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has consistently been ranked above average compared to other rehabilitation facilities. These results are based on surveys collected from the rehabilitation patients themselves, and are administered by an independent and impartial third-party organization

Bear Hill Rehab has participated for the last four years in a pilot program (run by an independent third-party organization) to assess short term rehabilitation patient satisfaction. The program is known as "Core-Q", and the survey is completely objective and anonymous. The results are based on what the rehab patients themselves say about their experience.

Each month Bear Hill Rehab sends the names and addresses of rehabilitation patients who were discharged during the previous month to the Core-Q program. Core-Q mails a survey form that patients can fill out and send back to Core-Q. The organization reports that the response rate is 64%.

We receive quarterly reports that compare our results against industry benchmarks and those of other rehabilitation facilities. We are proud that Bear Hill Rehab ranks very highly compared to the average results for rehab facilities nationwide participating in the survey (more than 150 facilities).

The questions asked on the survey are similar to those that all Medicare/Medicaid certified hospitals are required (by the Federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS) to mail to all of discharged patients. Eventually, all Medicare/Medicaid certified Skilled Nursing Facilities will be required by CMS to do so as well. Because of the excellence of our rehabilitation programs in-house, Bear Hill Rehab took a more proactive stance four years ago and integrated this survey process into its normal operations.

The results speak for themselves.

The rehab patient satisfaction trend at Bear Hill Rehab

Since 2015, Bear Hill Rehab has shown a trend toward significant improvement in the satisfaction of patients discharged from its rehabilitation unit

We work consistently to improve our level of rehabilitation services for patients. This includes fostering training that deepens the competency of rehab staff members, and focusing on positive outcomes.

The positive trend toward improved perceptions of the rehab services we offer is reflected in the results of the Core-Q survey. Our rehabilitation staff is steadfastly committed to helping patients achieve optimal function and, where possible, re-integrating them into the community.

Bear Hill Rehab consistently ranks higher than the average for all facilities (>150) participating in the rehab satisfaction results survey

Our participation in the Core-Q satisfaction survey—although not currently required of rehabilitation facilities like Bear Hill—is a testament to our commitment to providing quality rehab services for a wide variety of ailments, injuries and surgeries.

How the Core-Q Score Is Calculated

Most customer satisfaction results are built from the average scores on each question. the Core-Q Measure goes beyond results for each question. The Core-Q score helps us understand what each person found important to the overall experience.

The summary Core-Q score represents the percentage of individuals who average satisfaction score was greater than or equal to 3 on a scale of 1 to 5. Additional information about the methods and techniques used by this highly respected testing mechanism can be found at