Rehabilitation Services

Bear Hill offers Skilled Nursing Services, a Sub-Acute Care Program, Short-Term Rehabilitation Services, Long Term Care Services and a Hospice Care program. Each of our services is designed to address the specific rehabilitation and care needs of a select group of patients and residents within our facility who seek the best quality of care available.


customized rehabilitation

Provided by our team of skilled therapists, Bear Hill's short-term rehab services include physical, occupational and speech therapy programs up to 7 days per week designed to meet the individual needs of each patient.

Customized programs include: Cardiac, Pulmonary, Stroke, Post-operative Rehab and Orthopedics. Comprehensive family/patient teaching and home evaluations are provided to maximize successful re-integration into the community.

return to normalcy

When a parent or loved one undergoes surgery or is released from hospitalization, it's likely they'll be referred to a rehabilitation facility that provides services to help speed their recovery. What will the experience be like? How will their day be structured? Bear Hill Rehab's staff wants prospective patients to know the details of the rehabilitation process.


Whether a patient will be in our facility for just a few days or many months, each day will typically be filled with some type of therapeutic activity—physical therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy or other medical treatments, each tailored to help them regain their ability to be as independent as possible.

While the focus of a patient’s stay at Bear Hill is rehabilitation, we understand that the process requires a determination, dedication and physical effort; that’s why the services provided by our staff go far beyond therapy. There are typically many hours during the day for activities and socializing during rehabilitation stays. This interaction is considered part of the rehabilitation process, as it helps the patient prepare for re-entry into the community. When healing, both the body and the mind need conditioning and stimulation; we provide both.


domestic skills rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation services center includes equipment designed to support physical rehabilitation and re-acclimation—the process of becoming familiar with a new environment, or dealing with new environmental circumstances.

These services include activities which are fundamentally important for the patient’s safety as they re-enter the community.

Retrieving food from hard-to-reach spaces in cupboards, managing stove-top cooking operations, and navigating the kitchen while carrying foodstuffs are significant milestones during domestic rehabilitation.