Reviews from Residents and Families

The reputation of Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
speaks for itself—but such a reputation for excellence does not come easily.

I am writing to thank you for the excellent care that was provided for my Mom, Bernadette Muise, in D Unit at Bear Hill Rehab. It is a testament to the quality of Bear Hill that there are so many staff members who have been there for such a long time. The good reviews and comments that you receive are all deserved and you have the right to be proud.
— Gary Muise

Achieving the status of one of the highest-performing, best-in-care facilities for rehabilitation and long term care in the United States takes time, money, a crew of dedicated professionals, a management team committed to quality, and hard work.

We are tasked with providing therapy and rehabilitation for citizens who are often eager to “get back on their feet” and rejoin their communities. We are entrusted with the day-to-day care of loved ones by their families and friends, people who understand that the decision to place an aging parent or relative in a long term care facility is never an easy one, no matter the credentials of the facility.

These are the daily duties that make us who we are at Bear Hill. We know that quality care—whether for rehabilitation or long term living—is not the result of one specific act or service, but rather the cumulative effect of thousands of little things we do every day. Food preparation, providing entertainment, maintaining cleanliness, ensuring peace and quiet, a pastoral setting… All of these factors—and more—consistently lead family members to let us know, directly and personally, how they feel about the services we provide.


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